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Ella Blair, founder and first president

Ella Blair founded the Woman’s Club of Albany in 1910, holding the first meeting with 22 women in the rose garden of her Western Avenue home. Under her guidance, membership grew rapidly, and later meetings were held in various venues around Albany, including the Albany Institute of History and Art and Chancellor’s Hall. She led the Club during its early work in civic reform and remained president until she moved to New York City in 1916.

WCA Through the Decades

Although Ella Blair had left Albany by the time these annual reports, scrapbooks and summations were produced, you might enjoy learning about the Club's committees, activities, accomplishments, members and budget and comparing them to the 2022-2023 annual report. 

 1920-1921 annual report compiles the club's work during its first ten years.  

"The First Score" from 1931-1932 sums up the first 20 years of the WCA in a four-page document. 

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The Messenger Booklet from 1948 notes that the club held Art Classes every Friday at 10:30 and Creative Writing Classes at noon. In February, the Home Bureau presented a class on "Control of Weight and Fatigue By Diet." The 1st meeting of the Women’s Joint Legislative Forum on January 13, 1948, was well attended. George Shapiro of the Governor’s Council gave analysis of the Governor’s message. Governor Dewey followed with an informal talk touching on problems of inflation and its effect on the government and people of the state. He said 50,000,000 needed for welfare and state aid for schools. He also stated we need additional facilities for higher education and scholarships should be considered.

The Woman's Club of Albany

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