Pillar #5

Cultural Enrichment Classes

In the 1930s and early ‘40s, classes in Italian, Spanish, French, German, literature, music, psychology, drama, cooking, sewing, and gardening were offered. Immigrants were invited to classes to improve their standard of living. Speakers from all over the country came to give talks. Eleanor Roosevelt gave a talk titled “The importance of knowing what one is talking about.” During World War II, the Club offered programs such as “The War Saving Program” and “The Wife in the Army Camp.” The Red Cross came weekly to address the members. The Club continues these efforts today, offering programs on health, wellness and history. It also provides a home for the SEWS program where women immigrants learn Sewing and English Language Workplace Skills. 

Tidbits from 1913

The club starts holding public health meetings and begins story hours at the Harmanus Bleeker Library. Also founds Mother's League and encourages interest in civics classes to preserve American heritage.

Tidbits from the WCA Annual Booklet 1926-27 

The WCA offered language classes for enhanced learning of members in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Tidbits from 1994

The decline in membership is so sharp most monthly meetings are canceled and club no longer holds classes in art, ceramics, crafts, music and bridge.

The Woman's Club of Albany

725 Madison Avenue • Albany • New York • 12208



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