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Descriptions of committees: The Woman's Club of Albany has 11 standing committees that must often work with other committees to successfully accomplish the mission or goals of the club: three Committees of the Board and eight Committees of the Corporation. Other committees may be formed on an ad-hoc basis to complete the finite tasks. 

Committees of the Board

Executive Committee: The executive committee of the Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee is charged with acting on behalf of the Board when business requiring timely action arises between Board meetings.

Finance: Monitors financial activities to fulfill the WCA’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner and to prevent the misuse or unlawful use of funds. The committee recommends fiscal procedures and guidelines; develops an annual budget; designs accurate and timely financial reports; recommends selection of, and works with, an auditor; advises the Board of appropriate financial priorities and information systems; and reports any financial irregularities, concerns or opportunities to the Board in a timely manner. Chair: Pattie Beeler      Treasurer: Janet Nardolillo

Governance: Ensures that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through governance policy development, education, monitoring of Board activities, and evaluation of Board performance. The committee facilitates the Club's compliance with current laws and regulations and supports best practices in all its activities. The committee drafts and recommends amendments of the bylaws when deemed necessary. It is responsible for recruiting and recommending to the Board suitable Nominating Committee members. Chair: Sara Hotopp     Co-chair: Charlotte Prior

Committees of the Corporation

Archives: Documents artifacts located within the house and encourages the documentation of Club activities. The committee uses historical material to promote the history of the Club and its members, and promotes use of the archives, now located at the UAlbany M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections. Members are happy to assist other committees with their work by providing historical WCA facts that can be used for house tours and a variety of presentations. Chair: Patti Kopach

Building Committee: Manages and monitors the maintenance, preservation, and restoration of The Woman's Club of Albany building, Gardening subcommittee, and Decorating the House for the Holidays subcommittee. The committee recommends and keeps to a maintenance schedule, including roof and furnace maintenance, maintains the building manual, vets and recommends contractors when work needs to be done, and oversees contractors and caretaker's maintenance responsibilities.  Chair: Pattie Beeler Co-chair: Martha McCormick

Garden Subcommittee: Maintains the flowerbeds at the WCA building, including annuals, perennials, and bulbs; also maintains small flower gardens at local not-for-profits that serve women and children and beautify the Capital Region. Led by: Charlotte Prior

Communications: The Communications Committee ensures timely and accurate internal and external communications about the WCA through various media including the Club's official website, social media groups, newsletters and e-blasts. The committee assists other WCA committees with marketing and promoting their events and programs, including online registration for events, review of flyers, press releases and official correspondence and to inform and engage our members and community. Chair: Jessica Otitigbe  Co-chair: Joann Crupi

Community Service: Assists the WCA in achieving its philanthropic mission through volunteer participation in projects that help raise the awareness of issues critical to women and children. The committee coordinates collections of items donated to our community service nonprofit partners and coordinates member volunteer projects. Chair: Paula Hennessy  Co-chairs: Pat Glennon and Shelley Malone Walsh

Development: Focuses on raising funds to support the operations, restoration, and repair of the WCA building; as well as raising funds for other charitable organizations. Researching and coordinating potential fundraising resources or events, writing grant applications, and promoting member contributions and donations. Subcommittees include, but are not limited to, Tea, Garage Sale and other fundraisers. Chair: Susan Gould Fogerite  Co-chair: Marilyn Hunter

Membership: Focuses on recruitment, retention and recognition of Club members through hospitality, member events and “Member Mondays,” annual Volunteer Appreciation, "2sDays on the Porch," and "2sDays in the Parlor." Chair: Christine Souza  Co-chair: Tabitha Harting

ProgramsIn response to the wide variety of member interests, the Program Committee plans events that engage membership and promote education, inclusion, participation and enjoyment. The Committee partners with other WCA Committees to ensure that programs promote the values of the organization. Past programs include: hikes, a Family and Friends Picnic, museum tours, bus trip, local theater and an online educational program on healthy living. The Committee welcomes members' ideas and input to create meaningful programs. Chair: Monica Trabold   Co-chair: Sara Hotopp

Rentals: Shows the Club to prospective renters and hosts rentals. The committee responds to all inquiries regarding rental of the WCA building and is responsible for all aspects of renting the WCA. Rental income helps support the WCA's operating expenses.  Chair: Patti Kopach Co-Chair: Fran Altshuler

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Porch Renovation Project Committee: Responsible for providing oversight of the water remediation study, renovation of the front porch, addition of a handicapped accessible ramp and renovation of the side entrance.  The Committee works closely with the architects, builders and government officials as well as monitoring and tracking the finances received from the Bender Family Foundation, DASNY and Parks grants, as well as the Capital Campaign.  Chair: Pattie Beeler Co-Chair: Debbie Kaminski

WCA Renaissance Celebration: Responsible for organizing a year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the WCA's renaissance in 2024.   Chair: Janet Nardolillo

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