United in Service to Our Community Since 1910


The mission of the Woman’s Club of Albany is to provide a center where Capital District women can pool their time, expertise and energy in activities which support the well-being and cultural enrichment of women and children in the region.  Our club serves as a magnet for women of diverse backgrounds to lead and participate in community projects while enjoying camaraderie with fellow members.  Preservation of our historic clubhouse unites us as we honor our history and embrace the future. 
The WCA carries out this mission by:

  • Fundraising for organizations/programs supporting women and children
  • Engaging in community service to support women and children
  • Raising awareness of issues critical to women and children not only amongst members but in the larger community
  • Empowering women of the Capital Region to become community leaders by providing a center where club members can meet, share ideas and initiate new projects/programs
  • Fostering the growth and leadership of a future generation of women by engaging our own daughters and granddaughters in special club and community service activities 
  • Raising funds and engaging in activities to preserve the historic clubhouse


We envision a future for the WCA as a pillar of the Capital Region community, with our beautifully restored historic clubhouse serving as a center for women to lead and participate in good works that enrich our community. We conduct exciting, successful programs that contribute to the community and enhance our sense of teamwork.  Our success and camaraderie draw active new members who bring diversity and freshness to the organization. We operate efficiently with rich, full, effective committees and broad participation.


The WCA is an organization of women with diverse backgrounds and talents who strive to work together effectively and respectfully to enrich our community and care for and preserve our historic building.  We strive to nurture our sense of camaraderie and fun, but make decisions in the best interests of the club. 

We honor and promote diversity and tolerance. We promote openness and inclusion. We encourage participation and commitment. We support each other's passions, interests and initiatives.  We communicate respectfully with open minds and hearts.

Download our WCA Brochure to learn more.  We invite you to attend our events or call us at 518.465.3626 to schedule a house tour. 

The Woman's Club of Albany

725 Madison Avenue • Albany • New York • 12208

(518) 465-3626

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